Welcome to Dirtbusters Cleaning!

What exactly do we clean?

We clean and maintain 1,000’s homes, small businesses, office buildings, storefronts, and industrial complexes throughout Western New York every month. We do it all! Oh yeah, we clean carpets too!

Who are the Dirtbusters Where did they come from?

10 years ago a lady (we call her Laurie L) decided to start a business. Something easier said than done. Seriously, who doesn’t want a shot at being her own boss? Today, Laurie bosses her husband, Brad, and all of us underlings- and crew comprised of family and close friends.

Team Dirtbusters started with one little Toyota Matrix. Today, we have four company vehicles and over a dozen employees. An office that began as a spare room in Laurie’s home became a storefront on Lake Street in the Village of Hamburg.

We’re not just broom pushers, we’re Professional Cleaners and the pillars to a small business. Together we take pride in our work. Our focus? Customer satisfaction.

How do you clean so many places while promising zero cross contamination?

We use a color coded micro-fiber system which insures that your bathroom, kitchen, and even your floors will?never be?cross-contaminated.?At every job, we use a fresh, clean set of micro-fiber clothes and mop heads.

Our color code is as follows:

GREEN – Kitchen only

RED – Bathroom only

YELLOW – Light dusting

BLUE –? Glass and Mirrors

BLACK- Heavy filth (i.e.?inside ovens, construction clean-ups, etc)

*Paper towels are used on toilets and disposed of for obvious sanitary reasons. All of our cleaners wear gloves while cleaning bathrooms.

*Vacuum cleaners are cleaned and serviced regularly.

Our team arrives to every job with all of the necessary supplies in hand!? If there are certain products that you would prefer in to be used in your home or business, that’s fine too! Be sure?to mention?upon booking.?After all, a clean home is a happy home.??So if for any reason you are not satisfied or we missed something please call us in the first 24 hours so we can correct?any oversights.? That is?our promise to you!

Which forms of payment do you accept?

Checks can be made payable to “Dirtbusters Cleaning Inc

We also accept cash and credit. Credit transactions can only be handled by the owners, either in person or over the phone, for your peace of mind.

*All prices are subject to New York State sales tax.

Anything else I should know?

Also please allow a 30-60 minute window for our scheduled arrival?time.?There are many factors?including inclement weather and traffic that can affect the?schedule.?In the event that our team is running behind, we attempt to notify the customer.

*Please note that all payments must be made, in full, the day of your service.? If you are not home, please leave payment in a secured place that we know about.? Also if you are scheduled for a service and payment is not received, you?may be asked to pay a $25 fee?on top of?your service charge.

* We kindly ask 48 hours notice for Cancellations and Reschedules.?If you fail to give us 48 hours?you may be subject to a $30?fee.

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